Chamber Music Program 

DAAYO’s chamber groups are small ensembles of 3-6 players who play chamber music for string quartet, string trio, and string quintette as well as music featuring piano, woodwinds, and even classical guitar.

Each year we will produce multiple chamber music concerts at various events around the north Texas area. Participation in the group will require approval by the conductor to ensure the student is at an appropriate level for this type of ensemble playing. Typically, chamber programs are comprised of the section principles from their orchestras.

Playing in a chamber music group gives our students a chance to develop solo performance skills while still learning the extremely valuable skill of ensemble playing.

Music for the program will be comprised of traditional classical music from the Baroque through Romantic periods as well as modern arrangements of popular music like Journey, Kansas, and others.

Lobby concerts for the Plano Symphony Orchestra, various festivals, and other awards events are common performing opportunities for this group.

Students who participate within DAAYO’s other orchestral programs will have priority placement during chamber auditions.

Audio Sample

Mozart - Eine kleine Nachtmusik: Allegro

Video Sample