Concert Strings

The Concert Strings (CS) Orchestra is comprised of students in the 10th grade or younger with 3-5 years of string instrument study. This group is designed as a transition group to classical literature.

Entrance into this ensemble typically requires playing in or beyond Suzuki book 4, some advanced bowing skills and using consistent vibrato, playing in first through third positions with ease, and some experience in upper positions. CS typically will play music at the Grade 3 to 4 level, with a focus on adaptations for professional grade literature.

The orchestra meets once per week from 5:00 to 6:45PM for rehearsal. All students are required to meet with a private instructor once a week. There are typically 3 concerts a year and additional performances at select festivals and community events. Ms. Erin Fox is the conductor for this group.

Sample Repertoire from previous programs includes:

  • Simple Symphony – Benjamin Britten
  • Theme from Star Wars – John Williams
  • Palladio – Karl Jenkins
  • Spring Breezes – Taiwanese Folk Song arr Richard Meyer.
  • Pagodas by Richard Meyer
  • Iditarod by Soon Hee Newbold
  • Thunder and Lightening Polka by Strauss