DAAYO 2023/2024 Full Season Tuition*

String Explorers $460
Junior Strings $480
Concert Strings $510
Philharmonic Orchestra $560
Symphony Orchestra $630
Chamber Group $1750**

DAAYO is a nonprofit organization and tuition fees only cover a portion of our expenditures. We strongly believe that all qualified students, regardless of ability to pay, should have high-quality musical education and performance opportunities. (See financial aid section below).

*DAAYO reserves the right to change fees and policies at any time.

**Chamber tuition can be paid per semester ($875/semester for 2 semesters). We provide this as a convenience for members accepted for the full year. Students who join in the winter will pay the prorated rate for the remainder of the season. For pianists in chamber, there may be extra fees for instrument rental at venues.

  • Audition Fees for all groups – $25.  Audition Fees are non-refundable. Tuition is payable by check, cash or paypal (credit card).
  • Refund Policy: Full tuitions may be refunded in full no later than the 3rd rehearsal of the year. (This only applies to full tuition payments).
  • Multiple Member Family:

1) Member in the highest level orchestra pays full membership fee;

2) Each additional family member receives $50 discount for the season. This discount does not apply to the Chamber Program.

  • Winter entrants will pay a pro-rated rate of the full season tuition. (If there are openings.)
  • If a student is a member of both an orchestra and the chamber ensemble, they receive $150 off the chamber ensemble tuition for the whole season.
  • Financial Aid is available for accepted students with demonstrated need. After audition, contact us for information regarding financial aid. Multiple options are available, and DAAYO has always been able to make the finances work with all of our sttudents with demonstrated need.

For students who attend a Plano ISD school, are in the 6th or 7th grade, and who who have demonstrated financial need, we highly recommend applying for the Plano Symphony Orchestra scholarship. This scholarship provides fees for 1 on 1 private lessons which are crucial for a student’s development. Scholarship winners who then audition successfully for DAAYO receive a full tuition waiver. Information can be found at PSO’s website here.

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