Chamber Music Program Audition Registration

DAAYO’s chamber program is taking applications for the 2022-2023 season.

Eligibility: Enthusiastic strings students (Suggested age: 12+)
After filling out the form at the bottom of this page ($25 dollar audition fee), please follow the directions below to submit your video recording:

Audition requirements:

Solo of your choice (up to 7 minutes). All Region/State recordings are acceptable. Please also include a short introduction about yourself in the video.

Deadline is 12/21/23 for the Spring 2023 season that begins on 1/7/23. All videos should be submitted to (either directly or through a cloud service with accessible links) and labeled in the following format:


Please register below first before submitting any materials.

Upon acceptance to the program, tuition fees are: $840/Spring 23 Season (Jan 7 -May 21, 19 rehearsals + 2 concerts, with the potential for more performances depending on the progression of the group.)

DAAYO Chamber meets on Saturdays, 1-3PM, at 420 Maplelawn Dr. Plano TX 75075. (1 hour per quartet, so your rehearsal will be 1-2PM or 2-3PM).

Financial aid available for qualified applicants. Questions?

I acknowledge and understand the directions on how to send in a video audition as outlined on the DAAYO chamber page.
We certify that we have read the DAAYO web site audition information and we understand that:
1. DAAYO conductors/coaches admit and place applicants based on student’s demonstrated ability and fit with the group.
2. Tuition is due at the student’s first rehearsal in accordance with DAAYO’s tuition policy. Chamber program tuition may be due prior to the first rehearsal, you will receive additional information regarding this.
3. The ensemble's performance requires the student's exemplary attendance and preparedness
4. The audition fee is non-refundable.
5. I have read and understand the audition eligibility and FAQs located on this website.
6. Participants in the Chamber Program are expected to be on-time, prepared and willing to handle the extra workload that Chamber entails.
7. DAAYO Chamber Coaches reserve the right to remove any student from the program without tuition refund who has failed to maintain the standards needed for the program, whether from a musical standpoint or from an organizational standpoint (tardiness, absences, disruptive behavior.)