Summer 2022 Program

DAAYO Summer Day Camp Program 2022 – July 17, 2022

This year, we are offering a slightly different camp than previous years – a single day (7/17/22) light repair and instrument regulation day camp! Students spend hours learning how to play their instruments but are often at a loss when strings break or something else goes wrong. Helping students know what to watch out for in daily setup will help prevent problems from getting out of hand, and help them take a greater ownership in their instrument. 

In Session 1 (8:30AM-12PM) students will learn how to spot problems and correct them, adjust their own instrument, give their instrument a professional deep clean, and learn to tune by the pegs and tune in fifths. Students will need to bring their own instrument to this session.

In Session 2 (1:00PM-4PM) students will have an opportunity to try their hand at setting a sound post (tools available for use on site) guided by a local luthier, learn how to change a string, how to select strings, and learn more about the parts of the instrument and how to select parts that complement their instrument’s desired tone. Students will need to bring their own instrument to this session.

  1. Save parents time and money by having students take ownership of the regulation of their instrument, avoiding costly repairs and missing rehearsals because the instrument is in the shop.
  2. Help students make informed decisions about their equipment, learning about upgrades that will extend the value of the instrument without needing to buy a more expensive instrument.

Session Costs- The cost is inclusive of all supplies

Session 1: $65    |     Session 2: $55      |    Both Sessions 1 & 2: $100 ($110 with lunch provided)
Location: DAAYO Rehearsal Facility: 420 Maplelawn Dr. Plano TX 75075
Date: July 17. 2022 (Times – listed above for both sessions)
Eligibility: String players ages 12 and up (Younger students with appropriate maturity levels are also ok!)

What to bring

  • Your own instrument for both sessions
  • A pen or pencil and paper to take notes if you wish
  • For students attending both sessions, a bagged lunch, unless you will be ordering lunch (lunch areas are indoors at the facility, or parents may take students out for lunch)
  • Consider wearing comfortable clothing that might get a little dirty
  • If you have some, bring spare strings, or a new set of strings you want to put on your instrument

Supplies provided- supplies will be returned to presenters at the end of camp

  • Cleaning cloth, cleaning solutions, rubbing alcohol, polishing cloth, polishing compound, measuring gauges, small hand tools, protective table coverings to keep instruments safe, string color reference guide to brand selections, chromatic tuner, practice strings for Session 2, demonstration supplies
Deadline to Register online: 7/12/22. (Scroll down below to register)

About the presenters

Rozie DeLoach:

Erin Fox-Wells:

Session Details:

Session 1: Co-Presented by Rozie DeLoach of Caraway Strings and Erin Fox-Wells of Richardson ISD
8:30-9:00 Registration, Check-In, Issue Supplies
9:00-10:00 Instrument Regulation: Daily spot checks to avoid breakage and other problems
10:00-11:00 Giving your instrument a professional cleaning
11:00-12:00 Tuning with Pegs, Tuning by Fifths

Session 2: Co-Presented by Rozie DeLoach of Caraway Strings and Erin Fox-Wells, RISD

1:00-2:00 Soundpost School: Guided practice in setting a soundpost
2:00-3:00 String School: How to change a string, and how to choose a string brand
3:00-4:00 Component Choices: Tailpieces, pegs, chin rests, and bows- how they affect your sound

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