April 2018 Students of the Month

Allie Murray, Allison Chen, Kira McMahon and Vivienne Garner are the Students of the Month for April 2018.

DAAYO recognizes a student from each orchestra every month for their excellence as individuals and as a member of their orchestra. Each conductor has picked a student that stands out as a role model among their peers, and we want to congratulate and recognize them for this accomplishment in letting others get to know a little more about them.

Congratulations to all of you!

Get to Know Allie Murray:

Junior Strings Student of the Month

As a 6th grader at Providence Academy in Rowlett, Allie’s favorite class is Literature and Vocabulary. Outside of school, she is learning Mandarin, as well as keeping up with her love for violin in private and group lessons. As an only child, she enjoys her Yorkshire terrier Angelo who keeps her company. Her favorite color is red, which is a perfect fit for DAAYO!

As Allie would say, she loves violin because, “I really enjoy the community about it, and I enjoy playing with other people. I don’t really enjoy practicing by myself.”

Get to Know Allison Chen:

Symphony Student of the Month

As a freshman at Plano East Senior High School, Allison enjoys reading, swimming, and playing piano. She sets a great example not only in the orchestra, but at home for her two younger sisters. To match her balanced, fresh personality, her favorite color is green.

As Allison said, “I like the sound of the violin. It really resonates, and I like how it’s the soprano voice of the orchestra and stands out.”

Get to Know Kira McMahon:

Philharmonic Student of the Month

As a sophomore at Jasper High School, Kira enjoys chemistry and orchestra class. Along with her older brother Collin, Kira has two dogs, Pepper and Dakota, to keep up with at home. Outside of orchestra, she enjoys her passions in piano, as she has for 10 years, and taekwondo, which she has done for 9 years. Some of her favorites include snacking on coconut, listening to alternative music, and the color red.

As Kira said, “My favorite part of playing violin is how many people I’ve met through it, because through orchestra, I’ve made a lot of great friends.”

Get to Know Vivienne Garner:

Concert Strings Student of the Month

As a freshman at McKinney Boyd High School, Vivienne enjoys English, running track, and playing piano. Outside of orchestra, she keeps up with her younger sister and her dog Marty. Some of her favorites include Goldfish and the color purple.

As Vivienne said, “My favorite part about playing viola is that it has its own clef. No other string instrument plays in that clef.”