November 2018 Students of the Month

Ailsa Bergstrand, Anirudh Anand, Hannah Beeler, Hannah Little, Joshua Nelson, Tiffany Doan are the Students of the Month for November 2018.

DAAYO recognizes a student from each orchestra every month for their excellence as individuals and as a member of their orchestra. Each conductor has picked a student that stands out as a role model among their peers, and we want to congratulate and recognize them for this accomplishment in letting others get to know a little more about them.

Congratulations to all of you!

Get to Know Ailsa Bergstrand:

Philharmonic Student of the Month

As a freshman at Lowry Freshman Center, Ailsa enjoys algebra and band. She is the lone horn player for the Philharmonic Orchestra. Outside of orchestra, she is busy being the oldest of six and keeping up with her five pets. Some of her favorites include snacking on Cheezits, listening to classical music, and the color pink.

“[My favorite part] is just getting to work with an orchestra,” Ailsa said. “Getting to play and meet new people.”

Get to Know Anirudh Anand:

Concert Strings Student of the Month

Anirudh is an eighth grader at Nelson Middle School in Frisco who enjoys his math and science classes. At DAAYO, he is a violinist in Concert Strings. Outside of orchestra, he keeps up with his 5th grade sister and plays an Indian classical instrument called the Mirdangam. Some of his favorites include chips, classical music and the color black.

“I like how we’re playing very diverse music,” Anirudh said. “And we’re in a full orchestra with solo opportunities.”

Get to Know Hannah Beeler:

Philharmonic Student of the Month

As an eighth grader at Vandeventer Middle School in Frisco, Hannah’s favorite class is US history. She is the lone harpist in DAAYO’s Philharmonic Orchestra and has been playing for three years. Outside of orchestra, she enjoys dancing and playing piano, which she has played for nine years. Hannah has a gray poodle named Daisy and loves the color turquoise.

“[DAAYO]s a nice end of my week right before I go back to school,” Hannah said.

Get to Know Hannah Little:

Junior Strings Student of the Month

Hannah is a sophomore at Trinity Christian Academy and really enjoys chemistry class. Being a violist in Junior Strings, she also plays the violin and is a part of the dance team at her school. As an only child, she enjoys her cat Henry who keeps her company.

“I really like how well organized it is,” Hannah said. “It’s kind of hard to find a local orchestra that does everything really well.”

Get to Know Joshua Nelson:

Concert Strings Student of the Month

As a sophomore at the Plano Academy High School, Joshua enjoys engineering and being a part of a film-making club that he started. At DAAYO, he is a cellist in Concert Strings. Outside of orchestra, he keeps up with his siblings Anna and Ben and his dog Daisy. Some of his favorites include Goldfish, Mozart and the color orange.

“It’s so great to play with other people,” Joshua said. “I really think that DAAYO has provided that for me.”

Get to Know Tiffany Doan:

Symphony Student of the Month

Violinist in the Symphony Orchestra, Tiffany Doan is a sophomore in the IB program at Plano East Senior High. Her favorite class is precalculus, but she also gets involved in service projects, dance and playing piano. Her older sister just graduated high school and went to Rice University, so Tiffany is left to play with her dog Lily. Some of her favorites include lavender, Welch’s fruit snacks and “chill” songs.

“I think the community that’s in the rehearsals, especially when we can actually work together as a whole orchestra is really special,” Tiffany said. “Especially to DAAYO, because I’m able to really hear other orchestras outside of my school orchestra and work with them.”