Video Audition Form 

Please fill out the form below to register for a video audition. Please follow the instructions below carefully. (Fill out the form first, then submit videos per instructions below.)

We are currently accepting video auditions for the upcoming fall 2024-spring 2025 season.
Important points to remember below: (You can download these instructions separately here.)

  1. Make sure that your entire upper body as well as your two hands are clearly visible.
  2. Label all videos with your name, your desired group, instrument, and piece. For example – John_Doe_Philharmonic_violin_etude
  3. All files should be uploaded to a service like Youtube. You can then send the links to Please make sure the videos are publicly viewable. Please label the videos as indicated above. (Not doing so will result in delays to your application.)
  4. Ensure that you make the file public or remove any privacy permissions on cloud services before you send or share it.
  5. Please do not send large files. (Use a video cloud service as indicated above and share a public link).
  6. Remember to submit all requirements for your desired group. (Requirements located on bottom half of this page).
  7. The form below needs to be filled out and turned in before any videos can be processed.
  8. The primary email in the form below should be one that is checked regularly.
This is our primary method of contacting you. Please make sure this is an email that is checked frequently.
We will consider students for orchestra groups lower than the ones they select if appropriate (excluding chamber ensemble.) Students applying for an orchestra + the chamber ensemble must prepare both sets of required materials.
Please note that the requirements for all rounds is identical. Earlier rounds have a slight advantage in the sense that we do not hold spots open for later rounds. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to submit earlier rather than later if possible.
We certify that we have read the DAAYO web site audition information and we understand that:

1. DAAYO conductors admit and place applicants based solely on student’s demonstrated ability

2. Tuition is due at the student’s first rehearsal in accordance with DAAYO’s tuition policy

3. The orchestra's performance requires the student's exemplary attendance and preparedness. Excessive absences will impact the student's eligibility to perform at concerts.

4. The audition fee of 25 dollars is non-refundable.

5. I have read and understand the audition eligibility and FAQs located on this website, as well as the tuition refund policies.
Price: $25.00