Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who can apply?

DAAYO membership is open to all young musicians in the North Texas area. Our name is a reflection of our heritage and highlights the fact that we play pieces from both western and eastern classical traditions. Applicants should be participants in their school music programs unless unavailable.

2. When can I audition?

DAAYO has 2 open auditions per year, once in August and once in April. The August audition is for the current season, while the April audition is for students who wish to join DAAYO the following season after the summer months. For example, both the April 2018 audition and the August 2018 audition are for the 2018-2019 season which begins in August 2018.

Winter entry auditions are announced based on orchestra balancing needs. Check the audition page for details.

We highly recommend students to audition in April if possible since we do not hold open orchestra spots for the August or winter auditions.

Click here to see current audition dates and register.

420 Maplelawn Drive
Plano, TX 75075

Audition Fee (non-refundable):

3. What if I have a conflict with the open audition dates?

Please contact us soon as possible. We may be able to audition you at a different time based on orchestra needs and balancing.However, as there are no guarantees of audition availability outside of our open auditions, we highly recommend that you make every effort to attend the open auditions.

4. What level/type of music are each of the orchestras playing? How do I know for which orchestra I should audition? What do I need to prepare for the audition?

Please visit our orchestra pages for more information. We hope that the information on these pages, combined with advice from your private teacher will help you make your choice.

Click here for audition requirements and excerpts.

5. I would like to make a donation to DAAYO. How do I do this?

You may donate directly online here.

6. How much does it cost to audition?

Audition fees for both the regular orchestra and chamber group are $25, paid online. This fee is nonrefundable.

7. How much is tuition?

See our tuition rates here.

8. Is there financial aid?

Yes.  Auditions are merit based only.  DAAYO will work with accepted students with demonstrated need to provide an appropriate aid package. Contact us here for more information.

9. When are rehearsals?

All of our ensembles rehearse on Sunday afternoons at:

420 Maplelawn Drive
Plano, TX 75075

The rehearsal times for our orchestras are:

  • String Explorers: 5:00-6:30PM
  • Junior Strings: 2:00-3:30PM
  • Concert Strings: 5:00-6:45PM
  • Philharmonic Orchestra: 3:30-5:30PM
  • Symphony Orchestra: 6:00-8:30PM

10. I am a current member of DAAYO and I would like to audition for a different orchestra. How do I do this?

You will audition as a “new” member during that audition. Placement is dependent on demonstrated skill as determined by the conductor of the group you wish to join.

11. I am a current member of DAAYO and I would like to stay in the same orchestra next year. Is there an action I have to take?

Depending on the orchestra, current members may be asked to re-audition. Ask your conductor for details.

12.  How do I contact DAAYO for more information?